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Featuring the absolute best scenery Eastern Kentucky has to offer, Southfork Elk View is an experience like no other. Surrounded by wetlands, ponds, and a variety of plant and animal life, the facility provides a beautiful panoramic view of the Kentucky mountains.

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Offering unobstructed panaoramic views, Southfork Elk View is an excellent location for Night Sky photographers and Astronomy enthusiests alike.


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Location: Highway 1098, Jackson, KY


Visitor Center Hours: (TBD)

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Elk View

Nestled in the hills of Eastern Kentucky, Breathitt County’s own Southfork Elk View Recreational Area offers a unique opportunity for visitors to enjoy natural beauties beyond belief.

Trails, wetlands, RV Park, and campsites all featured in a family friendly environment. With a Visitor's Center under construction, Southfork Elk View provides new experiences everday. Discover why Southfork Elk View is Beautifully Breathitt!

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Enjoy the majestic beauty of Southfork Elk View Recreational Area with an overnight stay in one of the tent campgrounds, equestrian campgrounds for horse enthusiasts, or our RV campground locations by reserving your spot today. It is our goal to provide facilities which meet your needs and provide the very best camping Kentucky has to offer!

Wildlife Photography

Whether you’re interested in photography of migratory birds or just simply wish to walk amongst free-roaming horses, your expectations will be exceeded with the wildlife Southfork Elk View offers.


Located within minutes of our campsites, the City of Jackson offers several eateries including BBQ from Thatcher’s Downtown, local artisan cuisine from Kelsey’s On Main, and pizza from Variety Pizza House just to name a few. Ready for a break from the trails? Rest up at the Cozy Corner Café.

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Want to get the family outside to enjoy nature without inciting inner-family violence? We’ve got you covered with guest wireless network access. Let us help you enjoy the sounds of nature minus constant whining from the kiddos 😉

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We are here to answer your questions. If you have special needs or just want advice on how to get the most out of a Southfork Elk View experience, let us know by filling out the form on our contact page.

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About Southfork Elk View

Absolutely unreal! Horses everywhere and the view is breathtaking! Make sure you take a lot of carrots and apples though.


Beautiful place to visit, nice trails and great place to see the beautiful mountains of Eastern Kentucky.


Beautiful views and good atv riding.

Map of Elk View

Map of SOUTHFORK ELK VIEW Trails, Campground, Visitor Center

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There's much more to come!

With the ongoing construction of a Visitor's Center, Southfork Elk View Recreational Area is shaping up to be quite the getaway for adventurers. Once construction is complete, you will be able to make campsite reservations online for your perfect weekend getaway. In the meantime, why not give us a visit and see the beauty of Southfork Elk View for yourself?

Highway 1098, Jackson, KY

Visitor Center Hours TBD


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